Mechanically self–cleaning CTF filter systems filtration of various viscous and non-viscous liquids like for example coating colours, size, starch, paint, ink adhesives, CaCo3, clays and water. Automatic cleaning of the screen surface and automatic purge of the concentarted dirt. Low product losses and constat low differential pressure.

 CTF Filter internals



An air actuator driven doctor that goes up and down and cleans the surface continuously. The dirt is collected in the bottom due to the flow direction and gravity. The dirt can be purged during the filtration process.

Filter retentions starting from 15 microns upwards, slotted, perforated or define pore elements are available.

The CTF filters can be fully automated with limit switches, ΔP control and other options to meet the specific needs.

 Self cleaning filter internals

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CTF Filter brochures per filter:
CTF04-SP   CTF09-TP   CTF16-TP  CTF32-TP



See the CTF actuator move up and down. The liquid in the CTF filter should move faster than the actuator on the way down. This way we can make sure that the dirt is removed gently from the surface and the dirt is collected easily in the purge chamber for easy removal. All this will happen during filtration, the filter can run without process interruptions. A low and constant differential pressure can be maintained