From time to time it is recommended to inspect the condition of your filter systems, especially the wear parts like doctors, gaskets and seal arrangements. Preventive maintenance makes sure that you always run a smooth production.

Filter elements will often last for years but can eventually wear. If you want more open area or a different retention or want to change form slotted to perforated, we can make you some suggestions.

We offer wear and spare parts for all of our own filters. Depending on the applications we can offer several options to find the best life time and highest benefit.


      sintered CTF element   slotted800  spare parts


In addition we offer so-called standard wear and spare parts for Ronningen-Petter –DCF and MCF filters. A large variety of spare elements for tubular filters, F-Series, AFR, AFC and Petroleum and Amine filters.

Slotted, perforated and sintered define pore elements for mechanically cleaned filters like the CTF, but also for MCF/DCF units.

The same we offer for ADS and equivalent filters as well.

Find here also automation packages for new units or as upgrade kits.