Due to the long experience with our own filters and the filters of a couple of other suppliers Seltek has developed together with its partners a couple of upgrade kits to improve good filters systems to even better ones.

Upgrade your color coating and size press filters with better internals. We can show you the benefits.

The Ronningen-Petter® DCF-2000 pressure screen upgrade kit has been developed for better filtering results, easier access and easy and safe use. Have you ever wondered how to get rid of the drive nut, drive shaft and proximity switch? We can show you how and reduce your maintenance cost considerably.

The Ronningen-Petter® MCF filters is a wonderful invention but there are applications where our upgrade kit can offer some benefits. Let us show you how we can help you to have a filter where the maintenance cost is much lower and the reliability much better.


MCF upgrade

MCF2CTF upgrade kit brochure

With all our update kits you can filter finer, get more open area if wanted and have less hassle –way less wear parts and a better performance.


See here a Seltek MCF2CTF rebuild in action. The original actuator is removed, the bottom hole plugget and a new lid with the new external actuators is installed. The rebuild will take about 2 hours. The new wear parts are a inexpesive lid seal and eventually the actuators. The automation will need no specail changes. The spare parts costs will drop this way dratically since the expensive magnetic drive is gone.