The repair or maintenance of all existing Seltek filters, Ronningen–Petter®/ from F-Series, DCF, MCF to AFR's and many other filters systems can be provided.

Contact us and we can provide your with tools to do your own check-up on filter element wear. To get an idea, follow the linked data sheet "Filter element wear" Here you can find some instructions what to look for, when your filter elements plug, the quality is not good enough or you look for new filter media.


docs and nuts


Some instructions to check if your cleaning discs, scarpers or doctors are worn can be useful. First indications of worn cleaning discs are plugged filter elements and growing differential pressure curves.

Does your R-P DCF-2000 unit have excessive nut wear? Do you often get a proximity switch failure?
Check some instructions to find some quick tools

Check also our spare parts section


filter start up