Seltek Oy was originally started in 1956 and has worked ever since mainly in the pulp and paper industry. It all started around a patent for the material on a suction cover box. Later Seltek started to represent various companies in the pulp and paper industry and focused on the Finnish pulp and paper market.

Among others, Seltek represented Ronningen–Petter® Filters systems for many years with great success. For several years Seltek was among the top 5 sales representatives worldwide

Seltek Oy specialises in liquid filtration systems for all kind of liquids. From simple raw water applications to high viscous colour coatings, there are good solutions for every application. The aim is to offer filter systems that automatically regenerate the surface, guaranteeing a minimum amount of waste. Only unusable material is removed and gently taken from the process.

White water, wet end chemicals and surface treatments can be protected with our filters systems, ensuring the quality of your final product is as expected.

After spending 30+ years in liquid filtration we have a good experience base and knowledge on applications and dare to call ourselves specialists in this field. There are not a lot of applications we have not seen and we would be happy to suggestion how to solve a filtration challenge.

Meet part of our team:

Kristiina Zaeske Seltek Oy                Welf Zaeske Seltek Oy           Pertti Rantala

     Kristiina Zaeske                                   Welf Zaeske                                Pertti Rantala


Pertti Rantala has retired officially in 2016, but we still want to benefit of his more than 40 years of experience in filtering solid-liquid separation and polishing filtration.

Pertti has conducted laboratory and pilot tests for many years with the CTF Filters, SF 700 and SF 1000 filters as well as Filtermat Certus polishing filter, Outotec Ceramec CC-1filter, Larox pressure PF 2.5 Filter, Metso (Sala) tube press, and vacuum drum filters.

Pertti helps us out with his valuable experience and wide knowledge of filtering in various industries like minerals and mining and many others. Feel free to contact Pertti directly via phone +358 40 709 9 543 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..